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Transfer technologies
Pharmaceutical products and similar
Transfer technologies
Technologies for the synthesis of pharmaceutical substances, technology for extraction products from raw plant  materials...

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Ongoing Projects/Partnerships

FP7 Programme

-„Non Food Crops-to-Industry Schemes in EU27”(2009 – 2012), FP7-KBBE-2008-2B, 227299; coordinator: Center for Renewable Energy Sources, Pikermi, Greece, INCDCF-ICCF – one of the 14 partners
-"Natural Antidiabetic & Anti-Hypertensive Drugs; Marie Curie Actions,

Cross-border cooperation Romania-Bulgaria

- Medical plant  network for enhancement of the comparative advantage of Calarasi - Silistra Cross-border area for sustainable development -MedPlanet-
-"Development of a management system for environmental protection by changing the use value of animal dejections in the  Teleorman-Veliko Tarnovo cross-border area",

Operational Programme
Increase of Economic competitiveness. OP 2.1.1

-"Advanced Research for the transformation of waste (fat ostrich) in high-value product " in partnership with SC SurakiSRL, aims to develop a technology obtaining oil enriched in omega ostrich, with potential applications in cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical".

Core Programme

Project: Enzymatic reactions in organic media with lipases, with the purpose of their use in biotransformation reactions
Project: Applying chip analysis biotechnology to determine the proteomic profile of microorganisms: development of “highthroughput” lipase biosynthesis optimization model