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Transfer technologies
Pharmaceutical products and similar
Transfer technologies
Technologies for the synthesis of pharmaceutical substances, technology for extraction products from raw plant  materials...

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CMII - Culture Collection of Industrial Importance Microorganisms

Established in 1952, the CMII collection holds over 400 strains of bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Since 1981, CMII has been registered at the World Federation of Culture Collection (identification number WFCC 232). The strains are of industrial importance as producers of pharmaceutical and similar ingredients, biochemicals, as well as for veterinary and agrochemical use. A lot of them were obtained through programs of mutagenesis and artificial selection and found industrial applications: (biopolymers, amino acids, enzymes, single-cell proteins, probiotics, vitamins, biopesticides, biostimulants (60 strains and procedures are protected by patents).

Contact person: Mr. Dr. Misu Moscovici