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Transfer technologies
Pharmaceutical products and similar
Transfer technologies
Technologies for the synthesis of pharmaceutical substances, technology for extraction products from raw plant  materials...

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Lucia Pirvu graduated from the Biology Faculty, Biochemistry section, University of Bucarest and from a Masters in Molecular Biology, and chemistry doctorate, and is currently employed by ICCF Bucuresti starting with 1995. In almost 14 years of work she has passed through all the professional formation steps, presently being scientific researcher III degree.
Considering the interdisciplinary formation and the passion for plants, our researcher has created in time a specific obtaining methodology for selective plant extracts, base for new natural drugs, with high therapeutic potential. Thus, she is considering that understanding the biochemical mechanisms of diseases appearing and developing togheter with knowing the relationships between natural compounds structure and their biological function, represents the main condition for obtaining natural drug products with superior target activity, similar to the shynthetic products, but with the advantage of a better risk/benefit balance. The biochemistry and physical-chemistry knowledges alow her to characterize and select plant extracts with an optim chemical profile, and the confirmation of the applied work method accuracy came together with the results of the pharmacotoxicology studies that proved the high therapeutic potential and lack of toxicity in the plant products obtained.
Among the products obtained stands a gastroprotective product based on selective extracts from two indigenous plant species, Centaurea cyanus L. and Plantago lanceolata L.. This plant product owes its remarkable gastroprotective activity to the specific polyssacharide content, with high bioadhesivity to the gastric mucous, and to the presence of some polyphenols that, beside the remarcable antioxidant-antiinflammatory potential, also have a key role in the product: reducing gastric acid secretion by quercetin, luteol and naringerin derivatives and regulating billiary activity by caffeic acid derivatives.
Other plant pharmacologic active products obtained based on the relation between natural compound structure and their biological function are used in human treatment of diseases such as: chronical intestine inflammatory diseases, acute gastroenteritis, chronic tiredeness syndrome and type 2 diabetes (for the results obtained with this product, the researcher receive together with the research team an Excellence Award given by Romanian Medical Association).
The researcher has completed 13 research projects of which 6 as project coordinator and 7 as ICCF studies responsible, 8 published articles of which 5 as first author and other 15 scientific papers presented at various national and international events.