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Transfer technologies
Pharmaceutical products and similar
Transfer technologies
Technologies for the synthesis of pharmaceutical substances, technology for extraction products from raw plant  materials...

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Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation

INCDCF-ICCF coordinates implementation of the project entitled "Development of a management system for environmental protection by changing the use value of animal dejections in the  Teleorman-Veliko Tarnovo cross-border area", funded under the CBC program Romania-Bulgaria 2007 - 2013, project will run for 18 months. Partners in the consortium are: National Research Institute for Machines and Installations Designed to Agriculture and Food Industry (INMA), Institute for Soil Science "N. Poushkarov "in Sofia, Business Center Svishtov, Bulgaria. The project aims to demonstrate research results of  partners  for biogas and organic fertilizers by organic waste methane recovery potential of livestock in a technology whose implementation will help improve environmental quality and sustainable development of the conditions mentioned trensfrontaliere

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CMII as Colaborating Party of MIRRI project
Our Culture Collection of Industrial Importance Microorganisms -CMII has been officialy approved as [...]  read more

Safety and Efficacy Services Offer
Look for our Safety and Efficacy Services  here.  read more

Employment anouncement
The institute organizes a competition for a research assistant position. The candidates should have [...]  read more

Hannover Messe 2011
Between 4-8 April, at the Hannover Messe 2011, ANCS stand, Pavilion 2, our institute is presenting [...]  read more