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Transfer technologies
Pharmaceutical products and similar
Transfer technologies
Technologies for the synthesis of pharmaceutical substances, technology for extraction products from raw plant  materials...

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Employment anouncement

The institute organizes a competition for a research assistant position. The candidates should have got a profesional background supporting a research activity in bioinformatics (drug-design, molecular docking). The general conditions of participation are mentioned in the RO Law no. 319/2003. For details, please address to tel. no. +40213212117.

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CMII as Colaborating Party of MIRRI project
Our Culture Collection of Industrial Importance Microorganisms -CMII has been officialy approved as [...]  read more

Safety and Efficacy Services Offer
Look for our Safety and Efficacy Services  here.  read more

Romania-Bulgaria Cross Border Cooperation
INCDCF-ICCF coordinates implementation of the project entitled "Development of a management [...]  read more

Hannover Messe 2011
Between 4-8 April, at the Hannover Messe 2011, ANCS stand, Pavilion 2, our institute is presenting [...]  read more